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2016 Theater List

Looking back at the shows I saw this year and it's an impressive list. Sunday in the Park with George was my favorite. Pure magic. I got goosebumps and cried. This year, I won't be seeing any shows except Hedwig and Hamilton in June, and the kids' performances, as I am in a year of mourning. The 2017 list will be short but intense.

Labyrinth Burlesque - Oberon with Army of Toys
An Octoroon - Company One
Mary Poppins - Wheelock
HMS Pinafore - Oberon
Baltimore - Brookline High
Donkey Show - Oberon
Guys & Dolls - Emerson
We're Gonna Die - Company One at Oberon
Twelfth Night - Boston Children's Theater
Love's Labors Lost - Shakespeare on the Common
The T Party - Company One
Matilda - Broadway tour
Sunday in the Park with George - Huntington
American in Paris - Broadway tour
A Year with Frog and Toad - Wheelock
Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again - Company One
Into the Woods - Kaleidoscope camp
Hairspray - Kaleidoscope camp
The Phantom Tollboth - Brookline High


I can see clearly now...

I'm back on my feet after last week's viral gremlin. We went to the ICA for the first time yesterday. (It's only been open ten years!) We saw Geoffrey Farmer and Walid Raad exhibits. The Farmer was more fun and compelling with his puppet people and the sculpture cutouts. What we liked most was a film in the collection of a Rube Goldberg-type system called "The Way Things Go".  We enjoyed the harbor views and were astonished by the number of construction cranes. It's a whole new Boston. One thing that is missing from that area right now is food, except for fancy restaurants and a Starbucks. Since we were in need of ice cream, went to the North End for gelato. Quite a contrast in neighborhoods!
The city is starting to empty of students and move into a more relaxed mode for summer. Time to enjoy it.

Under the weather

Still sick. Went into a swanky urgent care clinic yesterday to get a strep test. The examination room is a "suite" and you sit on a couch to talk to the nurses. They have a big TV you can control including shutting it off. Free coffee and snacks. If only the rapid strep test had come back positive. They tried to get a culture but I couldn't tolerate it so I doubt they got anything to grow. So I'm left without antibiotics for what I am sure is strep, having had it many times. It will go away on its own, but I have lost a whole week. Hey, at least I'm writing. Beautiful spring day and I just feel "meh". News is overwhelming. Seeking small comforts.

it's not the fall that kills you...

Feeling sick with a sore throat, swollen glands and fatigue. I can feel the virus in my spine, coiling, rising, falling back. I wonder if other folks can feel that? I tried to work in the morning yesterday, but ended up taking the afternoon off to lie on the couch. I watched "The Abominable Bride" episode of Sherlock and it was truly one of the best shows I've seen. I can't wait to watch it again with my partner.

Trouble in Winterfell with caregivers. I'm feeling lucky to be supported by family and friends. I wish it wasn't so far or that there was better public transit. Busy week of music and theater. Spring is busting out all over and I'm just aching to go to bed with a hot toddy.

A Case of the Mondays

We had a gorgeous walk in the Arboretum on Saturday. The lilacs were in full bloom and it was heaven. Sunday we saw a fun teen production of Twelfth Night. We must do Shakespeare in the park this year. Also camping! Canoeing! Not enough weekends so I need to sit and map it out.

Made good progress on cleaning out old toys and craft kits. It's hard for me to throw things out so I'm hoping to give away the stuff that's in good shape. I resolved yesterday to let the dishes and normal daily cleanup sit and attack this problem. Need to stay on it for the rest of the week but it felt like a positive step. The kids are receptive to it which is a bonus. It's probably a good life skill to learn to let go of possessions. Wish I had learned it!

Busy week of performances coming up but it's all good.

The Days are Just Packed

Work seems restful after the weekend. We had a bat mitzvah dinner, services and lunch, saw Frog & Toad at Wheelock, then had dinner with friends. Next was a 50th birthday party, some Guinness, and then collapse in bed with a book. The morning brought an awesome brunch at Veggie Galaxy followed by a library trip for some graphic novels. Out for coffee at The Middle Grey where we heard a few songs by Sweet Wednesday, then a walk on the Muddy River to look at the art installation. Dinner and margarita at El Centro (don't forget they put SESAME seeds on the enchiladas!) Up late for champagne and Sense 8. And I did laundry. Mother of the Year.

The sun is back, the air is sweet and things seem possible.


Passover ended last week and things are getting back to normal. It does feel like a new year after that major effort., Trying to get the house cleaned up and life organized. I've stopped eating chocolate for awhile since my candy eating was getting out of control at work. My theory is that if I can give up bready goodness for a week, I can stop the candy frenzy. I do plan to go back to good chocolate once I'm out of the KitKat habit. Now if I could stop the wine and stinky cheese situation. I basically shouldn't have an open bottle of wine or good cheese in the house during the week because they call to me at night.

We saw Jason Webley on Monday at ONCE Somerville. He played some great new songs and told stories. It was wonderful to hear him again. Amanda joined him for a few songs and I got to meet (and hold!) Ash. The tallest and most alert seventh month old I've ever met. Last night the kids and I went to see the Progressions dance concert at Brookline High. A good show as usual. So lucky to have the resources of this town.

We're in for a busy weekend, with a bat mitzvah, a play and a birthday party followed by Mother's Day. My goal is to go to Veggie Galaxy and see the ocean. Maybe smell some lilacs. I'm easy.

Just downloaded the new Jaggery album. Thursday we see Jherek at Cafe 939. Everything's coming up tulips!

Time for more coffee, but not chocolate. I swear.

2015 Theater List

I saw a wonderful play today at the American Reperatory Theater and It inspired me to list all the shows I saw this year. Despite not having my steady date, I managed to have a good time. I enjoyed all of these performances, but what really made the year special was seeing star performers - Many Pantinkin, Taylor Mac, Courtney Love and Meow Meow. Shout out to puppets in Pirate Princess and Shock Headed Peter. So proud of my daughter and the cast of the Giver. Looking forward to more in the coming year!

The Last Two People on Earth - American Rep
Shock Headed Peter - Company One
An Audience with Meow Meow - Cutler Majestic
Kansas City Choir Boy - ART at Oberon
Who Would Be King - Liars & Believers at Oberon
The Trumpet of the Swan - Wheelock
The Giver - Brookline High School
The Pirate Princess - American Rep

The show that I didn't see that changed my life: HAMILTON!

To sleep, perchance to dream

I slept enough to dream last night. I've been averaging 6 hours, but instead of watching another Jessica Jones I went to bed with Ancillary Mercy. I had a wonderful dream about going to a club and hearing a jazz cello and piano piece by two luminous young musicians. It was one of those magical dreams where you feel as though you visited a real place. Very restful.

I seem to have survived another trip home without the weeklong spiraling sadness that knocked me out in October. Having my partner with me really helped, although I think it threw him for a loop. Next visit is Dec. 24, which is always hard because it's so confusing for my mother. We will tone it way down this year in terms of presents and chaos. Speaking of presents and chaos, I need to finish up my chanukah shopping. It's nice to have it early in the month so I don't have the Xmas panic.

Honey's in tech week for her play. Next week is the performance. She's done an amazing job managing the stress and workload. Tomorrow Violet is leading the Torah service so we have to be up early after staying up late watching TV.

My new winter hobby will be coming up with cocktails other than martinis to drink. I love them, but it's like taking a hammer to the head  and it's over so soon and then you want wine and then HANGOVER.


April 15 in Boston

We have a new event to be held in commemoration of the Marathon bombings: One Boston Day. We are supposed to be kind to one another and there will be a moment of silence followed by church bells. The preparations for the Marathon next week are well underway. The finish line and stands are going up, barricades being brought in. Today banners were put up at the site of the bombings. Flowers were left, speeches given. Copley Square is once again crowded with cops, news trucks, black SUVs and trailers. It all makes me very nervous. I do not claim to have PTSD but it does trigger the alarm bells in my head. I knew there was an event on Boylston today to commemorate the bombing and I was steeling myself to come up the stairs from the subway into the middle of it. As I reached the street, the panic rose but I heard a voice singing "Hey Jude". It was a homeless man sitting outside the library, asking for donations. Tears came to my eyes but I felt comforted and the panic subsided. I gave him a dollar and said thank you, looking into his eyes (well-trained by Amanda). "You really helped me feel better today", I said. He said thank you and that it meant a lot to him to hear me say that. He gave me the strength to walk through the cops and barricades to my office.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder